Could Militant Trump Supporters Steal The Election From Hillary?


As frustrated conservatives continue to accuse the media of unfair coverage of the presidential election, while insisting that the ballots will be ‘rigged by the establishment’, democrats are worried that gun-wielding right-wingers will attempt some kind of a coup d’etat if Hillary wins. Donald Trump has helped legitimize the conspiracy theories about election rigging by repeatedly bringing it up at his rallies, and refusing to pledge to accept the democratic vote.

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Why Tax Cuts are Racist and Sexist


Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he plans to radically lower taxes for big corporations. Top economists estimate that his tax plan will add trillions of dollars to the national debt, which is very concerning to Democrats who have been warning about this impending disaster for decades. But tax cuts don’t just add to the national debt – they also contribute to inequality, by benefiting most fortunate and punishing the most downtrodden.

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Send Russia a Message by Electing Hillary This November


As if Russia’s collaboration with Assad was not enough, they are now hacking into Democratic Party servers in an attempt to derail our election! Many Americans are now looking at the stolen Wikileaks documents, despite the fact that it is illegal for people outside of the professional media to do so, and many people are letting these documents sway their vote from Hillary to Trump.

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Why We Need a Single Payer Healthcare System


Despite the criticism it has received from the right, experts agree that the Affordable Care Act has been a resounding success overall. Millions more Americans now have coverage that was previously only available to those who could afford it, with women and minorities seeing the greatest benefits. But with a large number of Americans still lacking adequate care, many believe that the ACA simply doesn’t go far enough.

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Trump’s Latest Conspiracy Theory – Hillary Will ‘Steal’ the Election


As if Trump couldn’t stoop any lower, he is now accusing Hillary of planning outright election Fraud, in a fraught attempt to divert attention away from the numerous sex scandals that threaten to put the nail in the coffin of his already failing campaign. This move smacks of desperation, as even respected senior GOP members such as Paul Ryan abandon his imploding campaign, and female voters switch to Hillary in droves, after learning about his deplorable treatment of womyn.

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Transphobic Christians declare Global War on our Gender Self-Identity Freedoms

Recently Pope Francis identified a “global war” against traditional marriage and the family, and he claimed both were under attack from gender theory.

“Today, there is a global war out to destroy marriage,” Francis said.

What are the Christians afraid of?  What is a “traditional” family?  A traditional family is one led by a patriarch.  The modern family is evolving away from patriarchal dominance toward an open relationship where all family members are respected equally.  No longer does a male patriarch dominate and make all the decisions for the family members.  Of course, any patriarch would feel threatened by an ideology whereby his power is diminshed.

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Accredited Book Review – Stronger Together by Hillary Clinton


In her new book, “Stronger Together”, Hillary Clinton obliterates the many lies and smear attempts directed at her campaign, and paints a bold and ambitious vision for America, with comprehensive solutions to the range of economic, social and foreign policy challenges that face our nation. For those on the sidelines, Hillary dispells the myth that she is unfit for office, and demonstrates her ability to lead this country to a brighter, fairer and more prosperous future.

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