Why Everyone needs to Study Critical Race Theory


Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is the study of systemic racism and how it relates to society, law and economics. The subject began in liberal universities in the 1980s, and has gained a lot of traction over the last three decades, as more attention has been brought to the rampant racism in American society. CRT has since been adopted by a large number of colleges, and is now offered as an undergraduate course at many progressive universities. However, CRT is yet to make it into school curricula, despite the demands of many progressive groups urging the states and Federal government to make it mandatory for young students.

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Why It’s Patriotic to Spend


Much has been said about ‘job creators’ lately, whom conservatives say we should thank and worship as saviors and custodians of the economy. I agree, except I disagree about who exactly in society actually creates jobs. Right wingers will claim that it is businesses who create jobs, but this is just a simplification of how the economy really works. Enlightened progressives look past the entrepreneur and the manager, and consider where the business got the money to pay its employees. The answer of course, is its customers, who took it upon themselves to spend their hard earned savings and credit on the goods or services offered by the business owner. For this, both the share holders and the employees should be thankful, since without the consumer, they wouldn’t have the privilege of drawing dividends or salaries.

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In Defense of George Soros


Paranoid right wing extremists have recently started accusing every progressive and forward thinking group of secretly working for the well known philanthropist, George Soros. While it’s true that Mr Soros donates much of his time and money to progressive causes such as fighting racism and xenophobia, promoting global union and fighting climate change, it’s obviously not true that every group on the left is on his payroll. Furthermore, the right simply assumes that Soros is universally hated, while providing no evidence of wrongdoing. Soros is often painted as an evil capitalist with sinister ulterior motives, but his actions are perfectly consistent with his stated progressive goals.

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The Concerning Rise of Cyberbullying


The internet and social media have undoubtedly made our lives better, allowing us to connect with friends and relatives, stay up to date with current events, and access a plethora of information at our fingertips. But although the experience of most people on social media is positive, many have had a completely different experience. Internet trolls have made it their life’s mission to make other peoples’ lives a living hell. To the trolls, internet harassment is nothing but a game from which they derive a sick, sadistic pleasure. But for the victims it often means misery, depression, crippling shame, and even suicide.

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Why the TPP is Essential for America


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement between the USA, Mexico, Canada, and a host of countries in the Pacific, such as Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam. The aim of the TPP is to facilitate trade between the signatory countries to promote economic growth, job creation and worker’s rights. The TPP aims to modernize the way we do international trade by recognizing that we live in a globalized world, and that greater unity and cooperation between countries is required in order to support the operations of multinational corporations.

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The Case for Open Borders


Immigration has become a scapegoat for almost all of America’s economic and societal ills. The far right continues to claim that American jobs are being taken by immigrants, and that immigration is responsible for every problem under the sun, from the national debt and welfare dependency, to terrorism and crime. Many of these far-right conservatives reminisce about the days when America was 80-90% white, and resembled an outpost of Europe. Most people however, embrace multiculturalism, and think that America should be a place where everybody can realize their dreams, regardless of national origin.

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The Progressive Revolution


Young people are fed up with the exploits of western capitalism. Millenials have watched as their parents and grandparents disregard climate change, while the third world is ravaged by droughts and flooding. They’ve watched capitalism destroy the global economy, only to see ‘socialism’ blamed for the world’s ills. They’ve watched as mass shootings swamp America, and how the bitter clingers continue to resist sensible gun legislation. They’ve watched as racist cops gun down innocent people of color, time and time again. The youth are sick and tired of the evils of the west, and they’re not going to take it any longer.

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