How People of Color Invented the Modern World


Many people are under the misconception that Europeans gave birth to modern civilization. Eurocentric history consistently ignores the achievements of people of color, while attributing the advancement of humankind to the ancient Greeks, the Romans, British and other European peoples. Aristotle, Isaac Newton and Leonardo Davinci are held up as pioneers of human progress, while the accomplishments of other peoples are ignored and suppressed.

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Celebrities Speak Out Against Trump


Numerous celebrities, ranging from musicians and Hollywood actors to writers and popular scientists,┬áhave voiced their disdain for Trump. Never before in US history has a Presidential candidate been so universally despised by our nation’s most beloved public figures. Actors we have grown up with and held dear in our hearts, such as Robert De Nero and Samuel L Jackson, have delivered devastating critiques of Trump’s moral character and suitability for the presidency. With so many beloved stars voicing their contempt for Trump, many voters are having second thoughts about whether he is eligible for the White House.

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Why Common Core is Essential for Educational Progress


Common core promises to radically reshape American education in exciting ways, giving students the tools they need to function as responsible members of a modern liberal society. In addition to enforcing rigorous academic standards, it also covers a range of relevant social justice topics and life skills, such as racism, sexism and detailed sex education.

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Climate Change – The Greatest Threat to National Security


Scientists have been sounding from the rooftops for decades now that climate change threatens the very existence of our species, and yet little to nothing has been done to mitigate this looming catastrophe. Billions of tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere each year as a result of our careless burning of fossil fuels, and global population growth shows no signs of slowing down. Right wing demagogues constantly tell us that ISIS, the national debt and nuclear war are primary security threats, while ignoring the greatest threat mankind has ever faced: climate change.

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The Lives of Liberal Elites – Something to Aspire To


It’s no secret that successful liberals live some of the most exciting and fulfilling lives. Musicians, Hollywood stars, modern artists, economists, politicians and university professors all live lives of sophistication and glamor, but also of moral significance. The smartest millennials dream of one day entering this club of respected elites, but the reality is only a few will make it.

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How Diversity Promotes Economic Growth

Students in classroom

We live in an increasingly globalized world, and economists, politicians and corporate leaders are constantly looking for new ways to makes their economies and businesses more competitive. One of the key discoveries over the last decade is that diversity of ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation significantly improves creativity, work ethic and overall competitiveness within all organizations.

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Scandinavia – An Example of Socialism Done Right


With the economic turbulence in Venezuela, socialism is once again under fire by conservatives. Venezuela is unfortunately experiencing some economic turmoil as a result of the oil price. But top scholars believe that this is more the fault of capitalist oil companies colluding to squash their competition, than a failure of socialism. And as usual, critics of socialism focus only on the most distressed socialist countries, while ignoring the abundant examples of socialist success.

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